Carpenters Protest Unfair Wages

EUGENE, Ore. — The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters protested at Oakway Center Monday and wants shoppers to stop shopping there.

The council claims the contractor, Northwest Wall Systems, isn’t paying workers enough and providing fair benefits.

R&H Construction hired Northwest Wall Systems for the construction job of the soon-to-be Nordstrom Rack.

Carpenters say around $32 an hour is considered the standard but workers are getting paid much less.

Carpenters says fair wages should be required to help them live a decent life.

“When our bodies are done building stuff we can retire with dignity and also in the meantime we can support our families,” said Jeff Harms, Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.

R&H Construction wouldn’t comment on camera, but says it thinks the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters is just frustrated it wasn’t hired for the job. It went on to say it believes there is no backing to the claims.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Join a union and get a raise and loose the raise by paying union due’s. Otherwise quit your bitchin. You have a job.

  2. don jones says:

    I am going to guess that NW Wall employee’s are okay with their pay, after all, they showed up at the job.

    Funny how someone else is always telling others what they should do and not do. No wonder unions are finished. They are run by stupid people.

  3. KIMI says:


    “loose the raise by paying union due’s” ???

    You obviously don’t know how much dues are.
    Ever hear of the adage, You have to spend money to make money?

    don jones:
    Unions are no more “run by stupid people” than any other group. You obviously don’t talk to many busienss execs. The things that come out of their mouths/minds . . . geez! They bury there mistakes by laying off workers and increasing prices.

  4. Ron Hebron says:

    To all you union bashers who do not have a clue what you are talking about with your talk about union dues taking all members pay, unions telling others what they should do/not do, etc. hear the following clearly:

    “It is better to say nothing and have people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.”

    Keep your ignorant thoughts to yourselves in other words, or spout them to your like-minded ignoramus cronies. Or, heaven forbid, get informed about the union you are bashing and maybe some of your attitudes will change, but that is unlikely, uninformed idiots like to wave their arms and point at everything else for their misery. Just go away. That is a better idea.

  5. Alan Saul says:

    The union has changed our lives for the better “yes even for those would criticize the union’s”. We have a fair and decent wage to support our family with “the union set the standard for most of the working class wages”. We are encouraged to further our training even after completing a through apprenticeship program. The Unions have worked with the employers to have acceptable work hours, & days “without the unions you would have no weekend!”. The unions have negotiated for fair medical/dental/vision benefits for the employees and their family’s as well as a “real pension” for retirement & vacation pay so you can actually spend time with your family. The union workers and their family’s are treated with treated with respect and comradery. The union also works with the employers to provide a safe drug free work site so we can all go home to our family’s every night. I have worked non union before joining the union brother/sisterhood and know the difference “all to well” my family and I are forever grateful to be part of the union family! :)

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