Cascade Manor Discusses Expansion


EUGENE, Ore. — Plans to expand a retirement community are moving forward.

Those at the manor held an open meeting Thursday night to discuss the plans. It involves 26 new units on 4 parcels presently containing single family houses.

The Executive Director of Cascade Manor says it submitted a zone change application to the city and it doesn’t think traffic will be a problem because not of the residents drive. Some of the concerns included noise from the air conditioning units, parking on the street as well as privacy issues.

For the most part, people seemed happy with they heard.

“We have had minimal problems with Cascade Manor,” said Michael Pullam, Eugene Resident. “Mainly with parking and that has been dealt with I am actually looking forward to the addition that is going on there.”

“We really want to make sure that we are good neighbors that we are an integral part of Eugene,” said Brian Young, Cascade Manor Executive Director. “We are not only here to take care of our residents but to make sure we are a positive force in the community.”

Cascade Manor hopes to get the zoning application results next year.

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