Cat Abuser Pleads No Contest

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Betty Gould, the woman who was caught throwing cats into the Willamette River trapped in bags has plead no contest to two counts of attempted aggravated animal abuse. She appeared in Springfield Municipal Court on Thursday.

As part of her plea agreement, two abandonment charges were dropped against her. KEZI 9 News is reporting on the story as it develops and will have more information about her possible sentencing.

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  1. MarciAnn Yantz says:

    I am so disgusted and hurt by this! I am the individual that was called upon to take Faith & Hope when they were rescued from the river. You interviewed me at Springfield Animal Control on the day they called me. This is an absolute shame! I promised Faith & Hope that I would not stop until I knew they were safe and the others were out of harm’s way. This is not over for me and it is not over for them. I will not stop until something is done to change the way these people are dealt with!

    These agencies have failed these animals and the people in this community!

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