Cat Thrown in Willamette River

EUGENE, Ore. — A Persian cat is recovering after it was pulled from the Willamette River.

Rescuers think someone threw the cat in the water.

Rescuers say they saw the cat floating under the DeFazio Pedestrian Bridge in the middle of the river.

That’s why they think someone deliberately tossed the cat in the river.

The cat made it to the edge and two city workers grabbed him out, but didn’t have anywhere to take him.

A woman walking by said she’d take financial responsibility if they took the cat to the hospital.

The cat is in shock and hasn’t been eating.

More tests need to be done, but it looks like he’s going to make it.

“I named him Will because I think he had the will to survive the Willamette River. So we’ll probably call him Willy, but Will is his name,” said witness Jody Maddox.

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue took over Will’s care, so he does have a foster home.

But organizers say times are tough and they are really looking for donations.

The shelter is very full with animals and it’s difficult to find homes for animals like Will.

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