In the Garden: Plants for Shade

EUGENE, Ore. — If you have a lot of shade in your garden, you might have found it hard to find some good plants for it. In this episode of In the Garden, we show you some beautiful, colorful plants that are great for the shade.

In the Garden: Preparing Your Garden Bed

EUGENE, Ore. — Every gardener knows you need to have good soil for your plants to grow. In this episode of In the Garden, we show you four easy steps to prep you garden bed for the season.

In the Garden: Hanging Baskets

EUGENE, Ore. — If you are looking for an easy way to add some pop to your garden, try a hanging basket. In this episode of In the Garden, we have some tips on how to keep your hanging baskets looking their best.

In the Garden: Weather-Damaged Plants

EUGENE, Ore. — This past winter we had a lot of extreme weather that might have damaged some of the plants in your yard. In this episode of In the Garden, find out what to do with your winter-damaged plants.

In the Garden: Fertilizer

EUGENE, Ore. — Plants need good nutrients in order grow, but do you know the proper way to feed them? In this episode of In the Garden, we show you the winning combination of fertilizer for your garden. Johnson Brothers Greenhouses will also be doing free soil testing on Sunday, April 6th from 11 a.m. … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Amending Clay Soil

EUGENE, Ore. — Every great garden needs great soil, and if your soil is heavy with clay, don’t worry.¬†We have some tips from Johnson Brothers Greenhouses on how you can start fresh this season in the garden. One thing that lot of people forget about is here in the Northwest we’ve got a lot of … Continue reading »

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

EUGENE, Ore. — There are four things you should do in your yard before your garden goes to sleep for the winter. Number one is you’ll want to take perennials like hostas and day lillies and divide them. Doing that will make them look cleaner next year and it will actually improve the blooms. Second, … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Native Plants

EUGENE, Ore. — Whether you’re new to gardening or an experienced gardener, chances are you have some native plants to Oregon in your landscape. Native plants are not only easy to grow, but they’re easy to care for since they’re natural habitat is right here. One is called bleeding heart, which has great little flowers … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Bulb Basics

EUGENE, Ore. — Fall is the time to plant bulbs that will bloom and flower next spring. If you like the look of tulips and daffodils popping up in early spring, you’ll want to make sure to plant those bulbs now. It’s best to plant bulbs between September and November for best results. A lot … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Fall Planters

EUGENE, Ore. — Fall is a great time to spruce up your container gardens with some fun fall plants. Here are three tips you can use to make a great fall planter. First, pack a lot of plant material into the container. There’s not a lot of time left for plants to grow, so you … Continue reading »

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