In the Garden: Mid-Summer Garden

EUGENE, Ore. — Even though it’s July, it’s not too late to plant in your garden. You can pretty much plant all your herbs. So lavender, rosemary, sage, basil, lemon verbena–the list goes on and on. Feel free to plant those throughout the summer. You could also plant fruits, like apple and fig trees. Just … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Trees and Shrubs

EUGENE, Ore. — In the garden we often talk about flowers and vegetables, but there are other plants–shrubs, trees and bushes. Trees and shrubs are definitely a lot bigger than your starts that you buy, and so you want to make sure that you get them planted properly. First, take a look at the size … Continue reading »

In the Garden: 5 Great Perennials

EUGENE, Ore. — Annuals–you plant them for one season, and you get flowers for one season. But with perennials, you plant them and they keep coming back year after year. Here are five perennials that are easy to take care of, pest and disease-resistant, and have long seasons of interest. The first is Geranium Rozanne. … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Roses

EUGENE, Ore. — Fresh cut roses from the garden are such a treat to have, but the truth is roses are susceptible to diseases. Here are the three top things to look out for. Number one is black spot. It makes the leaves look really ugly. It’s a fungus disease that can commonly attack roses. … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Culinary Herbs

EUGENE, Ore. — Lavender, rosemary and thyme–these are herbs that many people will grow and use in their kitchens right now. But there are four other herbs that you can grow and add some real “wow” to your food. One fun herb is lemon verbena. It gets a nice woody stalk, but you actually harvest … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Grafted Tomatoes

EUGENE, Ore. — For all you tomato lovers out there, there are tomato plants, and then there are grafted tomato plants. This powerful plant is made up of a really tasty variety of a tomato and a really vigorous root system. The root system is extremely large, which means you get a bigger plant, more … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Planting Tomatoes

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s time to start planting your vegetables, and one of the most popular vegetables to plant is the tomato. Before you plant, ask yourself what kind of tomato do you like? Do you want ones for salsa? Sauces? Cherry tomatoes? A really good slicer? Then you want to plant it in the … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Beneficial Insects

EUGENE, Ore. — Everyone wants the good bugs in their garden, and there is a difference between the good and the bad. Bees are good for your garden, but there are also great beneficial bugs, like lady bugs, lacewings and hoverflies. They will come to the garden if you plant the right plants. The reason … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Succession Planting

EUGENE, Ore. — One and done–that’s the case of the tomato plant. But there are other plants that you can get multiple crops from during the growing season. Lettuces and arugula are great. You harvest them about three or four times, and then you want to yank those and replant. Otherwise, you’ll be eating bitter … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Mason Bees

EUGENE, Ore. — Every garden needs a pollinator, like the mason bee. Two or three mason bees can do the same amount of pollination as about 120 honey bees, said Caleb Johnson of Johnson Brothers Greenhouses. The reason for that is honey bees kind of accidentally pollinate. They jump from flower to flower, kind of … Continue reading »

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