The Sustainable Table: Eating Local

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s never been easier to eat locally in Lane County, whether growing food, supporting area farmers directly or eating out. The most bountiful time of the year for local produce is coming up. It’s the time when all the plants that were sprouting in greenhouses a few weeks ago thrive, bloom and … Continue reading »

Learning How to Ferment

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Oregon’s summer and fall harvests are worth waiting for; but by learning a few tricks, eating local can be an all year occurrence. The kitchen at Sprout! is up and running after years of planning. “Things are going great. We have our first users in the space, Mcgean’s Cookies. They’re making gourmet … Continue reading »

Fisherman’s Market Truck Runs on Oil

EUGENE, Ore. — One of the advantages of living along the Pacific Ocean is the bountiful supply of fresh seafood. But hauling all that fish and crab from the coast to Eugene can eat up a lot of gas. One local fish market is making its commute green. “The store’s been here for 30-some years,” … Continue reading »

Red Duck Ketchup Mixes it Up

EUGENE, Ore. – A majority of people have a bottle of ketchup in the fridge, and chances are it’s the plain tomato variety. One local startup didn’t want to settle for the old standard and decided to mix things up. “We were sitting at Rennie’s talking about a school project and having tots and dipping … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: That’s My Farmer

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Tomatoes, berries, squash–they’re part of the delicious seasons that are summer and fall here in Oregon. Though it will be a few months before people get to taste them, local farms are already preparing for the harvest. “Right now, we’re starting all the seedlings for the season. We have onions, broccoli, … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Mountain Rose Herbs

EUGENE, Ore. — Over the past decade, one local business has grown from five employees working out of a Pleasant Hill home to about 130 in a huge west Eugene production facility. As it grew, it maintained its goal of zero waste. Walk into Mountain Rose Herbs‘ west Eugene production facility and it’s a sensory … Continue reading »

SPROUT! Promotes Local Food

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Lane County is one of the few communities that can boast a food hub, a center based entirely on supporting the local food industry. But how does its food hub work? “People talk about the Willamette Valley like it’s the garden of Eden. This is an amazing agriculture area that has more … Continue reading »

Predator-Friendly Farming

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s a challenge every farmer faces–how to keep livestock safe from predators. A West Eugene farm took a “Eugene” approach that the owner hopes others will consider. “We have seen skunks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, cougars, hawks and owls,” said Sharon Blick, owner of Living Earth Farm. Those are just the predators the … Continue reading »

Local CSAs Offer Natural Meat

They’re separated by dozens of miles, but Sweet Home Farms and the Deck Family Farm are united in their mission to providing natural, hormone-free meat. “This was not a mistake–the way they decided to raise all these different animals,” said Daniel O’Malley, Sweet Home Farms Manager. O’Malley’s parents started farming just more than six years … Continue reading »

Winter CSAs Offer Varied Crops

CRESWELL, Ore. — Winter in western Oregon. It’s not exactly the time people think of as being bountiful for local crops; but in the past few years, the number of farms producing in the colder months has grown. “I think people are usually amazed to see a greenhouse like this in February,” Erica Trappe, Sweetwater … Continue reading »

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