Growing Fish and Produce Together

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is home to the largest aquaponics farm in the country. The Farming Fish started with a lot of conversations. The farm’s three partners spent years researching their idea. “It’s the marriage of aquaculture–raising fish for food with hydroponics–which is raising produce or plants in water; so when you combine those two, … Continue reading »

Local Farms Grow Wheat, Beans

EUGENE, Ore. — The rumble is almost nonstop inside Camas Country Mill. They stone mill flour from local wheat. “That’s what makes us so unique. We grow it just outside of Junction City, which is three miles from here. It gets shipped to the seed-cleaning warehouse in Junction City, which is about five miles from … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Buying Local Turkeys

ASHLAND, Ore. — Hard to believe we’re inching ever closer to the holiday season. First up is Thanksgiving. All the traditional fixings are easy to find–locally and organically grown. But what about the main course? It’s not all that challenging to add turkey to your sustainable table. They’re popping up in the supermarket near you. … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: Caffe Pacori

EUGENE, Ore. — Pop in a local restaurant that boasts local ingredients and chances are at least one of its drinks is also local. Caffe Pacori is showing up in more eateries and coffee stands. We took a trip out to the company’s west Eugene roasting facility, where the bags come from all over the … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: Saving Seeds

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — You might think the process of getting your garden started began months ago when you put those first plants in the ground. Master gardeners, though, say the key to a great harvest begins now. They want you to gather seeds from the plants in your garden — vegetables or flowers. It’s … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: How to Can

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — “It’s not really brain surgery,” said Laura Hinrichs, a master food preserver with the OSU Extension Service, when describing canning. “If you read carefully and have the equipment, you can do it.” In her east Springfield home, nestled along an offshoot of the McKenzie River, Hinrichs provides a step-by-step tutorial of the … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Locally Raised Meat

HALSEY, Ore. — When Andy Walton bought his property near Halsey in 1977, it produced one crop: grass seed. Walton says he very quickly figured out that wasn’t the business for him, so he started to add more life to his property — literally. “We produce milk, meat, eggs, pork, lamb beef — lots of … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 1

EUGENE, Ore. — When Tiffany Norton and Mark Kosmicki walk into the Corner Market, sometimes they know what they’re after, sometimes they don’t. “A lot of times on Mondays we might not know what our menu is and we’ll come here and see what she has,” explains Kosmicki, one of the owners of Party Cart. … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 2

EUGENE, Ore. — Stephanie Pearl Kimmel just celebrated a major milestone in her career: her 40th year as a chef. She’s spent 14 of those years as owner and chef of Marche, a restaurant that touts itself as “celebrating life and the bountiful Pacific Northwest with locally grown and gathered food.” “Most people have no … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 3

DEXTER, Ore. — Early on a late-summer morning, a thin layer of fog hangs over the rows of corn, tomatoes and squash that line Maurizio Paparo’s five-acre farm in Dexter. The haze masks the brilliant colors of the produce, the reds of the tomatoes, the greens of the peppers. “We have happy chickens and a … Continue reading »

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