Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 4

EUGENE, Ore. — When Katherine Lavine and her husband decided to start the Holy Cow Cafe back in 1990, they had a clear mission in mind: they wanted to make delicious, locally sourced, organic meals. “We were considered to be quite crazy and not very realistic in what we were trying to do, so it … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 5

EUGENE, Ore. — When asked how she came up with the idea of Vanilla Jill’s, Megan Stevens’ answer is direct and honest: “We love to eat and we love to cook. If anything, it was just a craving. It was something I wanted to eat and wasn’t available in the city.” She and her husband Tim … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 6

EUGENE, Ore. — Step into Cornbread Cafe and it’s like a blast from the past. Not only does the building date back to the 1940s, but it’s decorated with space age Jetsons flare. Just as she did with the building, the cafe’s owner Sheree Walters is taking an old idea — an all-vegan menu — … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 7

EUGENE, Ore. — On Sunday mornings at New Day Bakery in the Whiteaker neighborhood, its patio morphs from a seating area into a farmer’s market. “A lot of small farmers are here and we’re really happy to do it,” said New Day owner Bill Mahoney. The idea came about at a different farmer’s market — … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 8

EUGENE, Ore. — Of all the food eaten in Lane County, only 5 percent is produced locally. But for every 1 percent increase, about $11 million stays in our economy. Imagine if our community boosted that to 20 percent; that could  keep $165 million in Lane County. All we’d have to do is spend $30 … Continue reading »

Top 9 Locally Sourced Restaurants: No. 9

EUGENE, Ore. — The Willamette Valley produces a bounty of local products: vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs and much more. But a study revealed – of all the food we eat in Lane County – only 5 percent of it is locally produced. There are a lot of reasons for that. Among them, we’re eating out … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: How to Start

EUGENE, Ore. — For a second year, the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition published “Locally Grown,” a one-stop resource for all things eating local. You can look up farms, restaurants, vineyards and wineries and merchants. It also offers a “Beginner’s Guide to Sourcing Local.” Step One: shop at a farmer’s market. “Of course we recommend … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: Local Benefits

EUGENE, Ore. — Monday is prep day at Party Cart, a food cart tucked into a parking lot near the intersection of 28th and Friendly. For Tiffany Norton and Mark Kosmicki, that doesn’t mean just snapping peas or breaking up broccoli; Party Cart prep means figuring out a new menu every week. “It can be … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: Eating Local

DORENA, Ore. — Ruby and Amber’s Organic Oasis, a small-scale farm just beyond Dorena Reservoir, sustains itself. The grain and hay grown here feed the horses, chickens, cattle and pigs. Those animals produce the fertilizer that helps the farm’s tomatoes flourish, onions develop and apples ripen. “We have essentially a closed-loop farm. We farm with … Continue reading »

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