Police Officers Killed in Ambush

(CNN) — Two New York City police officers are dead after they were ambushed Saturday afternoon. NYPD officials say both were shot in the head as they sat inside their patrol car in Brooklyn. They were rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Authorities say the alleged suspect has been found dead at a … Continue reading »

US, Cuba Negotiations Get Mixed Reaction

(CNN) — Thursday morning for the first time in five years Alan Gross woke up a free man. The former Cuban prisoner flew back to the United States as part of a deal between the two nations. But not everyone is happy about the negotiations that brought Gross and another American back home. “We will … Continue reading »

US to Name Sony Hackers

(CNN) — There’s been a major development in the Sony hacking case. U.S. investigators have determined hackers working for North Korea were behind the cyber attack, and an announcement could come as soon as Thursday. This move from the federal government comes after the decision Wednesday from Sony to pull the Christmas Day release of … Continue reading »

Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Arrests

(CNN) — Two co-founders and 12 former employees of the New England Compounding Center were arrested early Wednesday. They are due in court later Wednesday. The company was at the center of a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak in 2012. Its laboratory in Framingham produced tainted steroids that were linked to the deaths of 64 people … Continue reading »

American Prisoner Released

WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. contractor Alan Gross, held by the Cuban government since 2009, was freed Wednesday as part of a landmark deal with Cuba that paves the way for a major overhaul in U.S. policy toward the island, senior administration officials tell CNN. President Obama is expected to announce Gross’ release at noon. Gross’ … Continue reading »

Pipeline Bill First in New Senate

(CNN) — When Republicans take control of the senate next month, expect the Keystone Pipeline to be on top of their to-do list. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says legislation authorizing construction of the pipeline will be the first bill scheduled for a vote. McConnell says the pipeline, which would connect Canada’s oil sands … Continue reading »

Airlines Get $1B From Baggage Fees

(CNN) — Travelers paid $1 billion to US airlines last quarter to carry their suitcases. Monday the Department of Transportation reported the 27 U.S. airlines collected $960 million in baggage fees. That’s up 9 percent from the same period last year, but that number pales in comparison to ticket fares. Actual ticket fares¬†brought in $34 … Continue reading »

Health News: Diabetes and the Holidays

(CNN) — The holidays are packed with so many great foods, but that could mean trouble if you’re diabetic. So, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re preparing a holiday meal. Count your carbohydrates. Carbs raise blood sugar, so look at the total carbohydrates on the label, not just the sugar. Watch … Continue reading »

Sony Hackers Promise More Information

(CNN) — Things could get worse for Sony Pictures. The group behind the recent hacking is promising to release more sensitive data from last month’s cyber break-in. In a message posted online, the group said: “We are preparing for you a Christmas gift. The gift will be larger quantities of data. And it will be … Continue reading »

Senate Passes Spending Bill

(CNN) — Saturday the Senate voted in favor of a $1.1 trillion spending measure. It will keep funds slowing through most of the government for much of 2015. Had the measure not been reached, funding for the government would have ended Saturday evening. The vote, which passed by¬†56 to 40, came about an hour after … Continue reading »

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