10 States to Test Job Training Program

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. Agriculture Department says ten states will test new ways to get food stamp recipients back to work, using federal grants aimed at helping some of the 46 million Americans who receive benefits move off the rolls. The grants come as the Republican Congress is exploring ways to cut the program, … Continue reading »

Health Benefits of Coffee

CONSUMER REPORTS: WHY COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU If you’re a coffee lover, you can perk up. Experts at Consumer Reports have reviewed the latest research and say drinking coffee has several health benefits. In fact, it may even lengthen your life, because of the antioxidants in coffee that protect against disease. Coffee, both caffeinated … Continue reading »

House Members Send Letter to Obama

(CNN) — Three hundred and sixty-seven members from the House of Representatives have signed and sent a letter to President Obama, warning him about his dealings with Iran. The letter points to “grave and urgent issues that have arisen” surrounding nuclear negotiations, and could refuse to roll back sanctions, and it reminds the president that … Continue reading »

Breast Cancer Patients Manage Stress

(CNN) — Women who learn to manage stress early in their breast cancer treatment may improve their mood and quality of life in years to come. The study looked at 240 women who were diagnosed in the U.S. Some were sent to a one-day educational seminar, while others went to a 10-week support group. Those … Continue reading »

One Year Anniversary of Deadly Landslide

OSO, Wa. (CNN) — Sunday marks the one year anniversary of a deadly landslide in Washington State. People gathered together to remember the 43 people killed in the disaster on March 22, 2014. The mudslide wiped out the Steelhead Haven neighborhood in Oso. Officials said it moved quickly, at 50 to 70 miles per hour. … Continue reading »

Airport Stabbing Suspect Dies

KENNER, La. (CNN) — The man accused of attacking a TSA agent with a machete at the New Orleans Airport has died. Authorities say 62-year-old Richard White chased an agent through a security checkpoint with the knife on Friday knight. A sheriff’s deputy then shot White three times. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff says White also … Continue reading »

Avoiding Pesticides in Produce

AVOIDING PESTICIDES IN FRUITS & VEGETABLES We know it’s healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables. But a lot of produce contains pesticides. That’s especially a concern for children because they’re still growing and they metabolize toxins differently. Produce samples are tested every year by the Department of Agriculture for pesticide levels. Consumer Reports’ Food … Continue reading »

Graco Fined $10M for Car Seat Recalls

(CNN) — Graco will have to pay up to $10 million for not recalling defective car seats fast enough. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has a reason for the record-setting fine. Federal regulators say Graco knew about a defect that caused the buckle on certain seats to get stuck in the latched … Continue reading »

White House Releases New Fracking Rules

(CNN) — The White House has announced new rules for fracking, the controversial process that is fueling the U.S. natural gas boom. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves injecting high-pressure water into shale rock to fracture it and release the oil and gas trapped inside. The new regulations mostly involve wastewater disposal standards on public and … Continue reading »

Consumer Alert: Gas Credit Cards

(CNN) — Consumers may not fly every week, or shop at their favorite clothing store every week. But the odds are pretty good that drivers are filling their car’s tank every week. That may make the idea of a credit card with loyalty rewards from a major gasoline chain seem like a good idea, but … Continue reading »

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