White House Releases New Fracking Rules

(CNN) — The White House has announced new rules for fracking, the controversial process that is fueling the U.S. natural gas boom. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves injecting high-pressure water into shale rock to fracture it and release the oil and gas trapped inside. The new regulations mostly involve wastewater disposal standards on public and … Continue reading »

Consumer Alert: Gas Credit Cards

(CNN) — Consumers may not fly every week, or shop at their favorite clothing store every week. But the odds are pretty good that drivers are filling their car’s tank every week. That may make the idea of a credit card with loyalty rewards from a major gasoline chain seem like a good idea, but … Continue reading »

Supporters Rally to Save Libraries

(CNN) — Students, librarians and library supporters turned out on the steps of the state capitol in Missouri Wednesday, demanding that the governor save public libraries in the state. The group Save Missouri Libraries held a rally in Jefferson City. It says Governor Jay Nixon is defunding libraries by cutting $6 million from their budget. … Continue reading »

Health Alert: Art Therapy and Cancer

(CNN) — Art can help express feelings in a way words can’t. For those battling cancer, having such an outlet can make hard times a bit easier. When childhood cancer survivor Abigail Marsh was diagnosed, her inclination was to put her feelings on paper, but she expressed herself with pictures, not words. According to the … Continue reading »

“Darth Vader” Robs Credit Union

(CNN) — Police in Pineville, North Carolina are looking for a man who robbed a credit union dressed as Darth Vader. He was wearing not only a mask, but also dark clothes, gloves, and a chestplate fashioned like the one worn by the Star Wars character. The man was about 5’5″ tall and was carrying … Continue reading »

Health Alert: Kids and Vitamins

(CNN) — Cartoon characters, bright colors, and different flavors–the vitamin world is speaking to children. But when it comes to taking daily supplements, pediatricians say, kids don’t necessarily need them. “Healthy children who eat a normal well-balanced diet do not need vitamins. Now that exception is kind of a big one, and that is Vitamin … Continue reading »

Making Your Appliances Last Longer

MAKE YOUR APPLIANCES LAST LONGER The appliances in your home are a big investment. You can avoid repairs, keep them running efficiently, and get them to last as long as possible by using these tips from Consumer Reports: Your refrigerator will stay colder, run better, and last longer if the cold air can circulate easily. … Continue reading »

One Man Arrested in Ferguson Shootings

(CNN) — Police in Missouri have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson this week. Saint Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says the suspect is a 20-year-old man, Jeffrey Williams. He is facing multiple charges stemming from the shooting, including felony assault. McCulloch says it appears the … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Tax Mistakes to Avoid

TAX MISTAKES TO AVOID No one wants to pay more taxes than necessary or run the risk of an audit. Here are several common mistakes to avoid. One of the most common errors concerns filing an extension. Your taxes are due on April 15th whether or not you file an extension. The extension gives you … Continue reading »

Kia Recalls More Than 200k Vehicles

(CNN) — Kia will begin recalling some of its Soul and Soul electric vehicles later this month. The problem is part of the accelerator pedal could bend and fracture, increasing the risk of a crash. The recalled cars were manufactured from July 2013 to this January. Affected customers can contact Kia’s customer service for more … Continue reading »

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