Businesses Named Finalists for Award

EUGENE, Ore. — Three Eugene companies are in the running for the Bold Steps Award that recognizes efforts in sustainability. It was started by the City of Eugene, Mayor Kitty Piercy, and BRING’s Re-Think Business Program a few years ago. The award that was given out once a month is now given out once a … Continue reading »

How to Dispose Leaves

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s that time of the year when lots of people in Eugene will be working hard out in their yards to rake up leaves. If you find yourself raking leaves and not having anywhere to put them, the city’s leaf collection program starts in a few weeks. “It is the time of … Continue reading »

Ski Enthusiasts Swap Gear

EUGENE, Ore. — It hardly feels like winter outside, but perhaps this will help. It’s time for the 44th annual Eugene Ski Swap. On Thursday, ski and snowboard enthusiasts will begin dropping off goods at the Lane County Fairgrounds. The swap itself is Friday through Sunday. It’s a great way for families to score bargains … Continue reading »

How to Compost Leaves Properly

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that leaves are changing colors, it’s the time of the year to decide what to do with all those leaves piling up in your front yard. And while the city of Eugene’s leaf pick-up program starts next month, adding leaves to your compost pile is another option. Local compost specialists say … Continue reading »

Old Paint into New Art

EUGENE, Ore. — A Cottage Grove man turns what might be considered vandalism, into his own personal form of art. For the last two years, Josh Sands has been picking up discarded paint from various places around town and even the world. But it’s not about cleaning up, it’s about making something new. Sands uses … Continue reading »

UO Recycles Old Cooking Oil

EUGENE, Ore. — The green, in the yellow and green, at Autzen Stadium is getting greener thanks to some environmentally friendly thinking. The University of Oregon is teaming up with the Sequential Pacific Biodiesel to convert cooking oil from places on campus, like Autzen Stadium concessions, into biofuel. UO representatives say it’s all part of … Continue reading »

BRING Tour Gives Home and Garden Ideas

EUGENE, Ore. — BRING, a local nonprofit recycling and reuse store, wants to bring you some green ideas by sending you somewhere. For anyone who is interested in sustainable living, this is the event for you. The 5th annual Home and Garden Tour is all about sharing. Generous neighbors share their homes, their experiences and … Continue reading »

Greenhouses Made from Recycled Glass

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene window replacement company is expanding its business while helping the environment. Mark Seery, the owner of Mark and Company, says he collects so many windows and glass products in this line of work that he always wanted to do something more with all the discarded materials. In 2008 he did, … Continue reading »

The Clothes Horse Opens New Shop

EUGENE, Ore. — A local used clothing store that likes to make shopping and trading fun and easy. More than 20 years ago, The Clothes Horse opened shop near the University of Oregon campus. But earlier this month, the store opened its doors at a new location. Co-owner Ann Hathway says the university area has … Continue reading »

Eugene Store Reuses Forgotten Wares

EUGENE, Ore. — A local store is going a little beyond just reusing old forgotten wares. Out on a Limb on Broadway in downtown Eugene is all about repurposing things. Bowling ball lamps, driftwood decorations and furniture–the shop is filled with relatively ordinary items turned into something a bit more unique. The store’s owner says … Continue reading »

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