Storm Damages Wildlife Refuge Cages

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A wildlife refuge is fundraising to repair two essential bird cages that collapsed during last week’s snow storm. The Chintimini Wildlife Center cares for approximately 1,000 animals every year, and has three flight cages that it uses for its rehabilitation efforts to help injured or orphaned birds prepare to go back into … Continue reading »

OCCU Employees Volunteer on Holiday

EUGENE, Ore. — A day off on this Presidents’ Day presented an opportunity for some. Two hundred and fifty Oregon Community Credit Union employees didn’t punch in Monday, but they certainly worked, dedicating time to 17 different nonprofit organizations. One of them was a battered and bruised Mount Pisgah where volunteers cleaned up storm damage … Continue reading »

Storm Cleanup Efforts Continue

EUGENE, Ore. — There are still downed trees all over western Oregon keeping cleanup crews busy, but there are other new concerns coming in the aftermath of the storm. On Norkenzie Road near Cal Young Road, residents say the storm is creating potholes in the road, in addition to the downed trees and electric problems. … Continue reading »

Rainwater Floods Riverfront Trails

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The water levels of local rivers are going down, but some paths along those rivers are still flooded from the rain. At the D Street boat landing, the river levels are a bit higher than normal. The nearby trail isn’t flooding, but about a half mile down the path it’s a much … Continue reading »

Corvallis Schools Making Up Snow Days

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Monday is Presidents’ Day, typically a day off of school, but not for students in the Corvallis School District. They went to class to make up for a snow day. The snow caused the district to lose eight school days so far this school year, but because of two allowed emergency days, it … Continue reading »

Willamette River Floods Bike Paths

EUGENE, Ore. — The Willamette River in Eugene poured onto walking and bicycle paths Saturday night and Sunday morning as levels rose from 15 feet to nearly 18 feet. A part of the East River Path between the Owasso Bridge and the Beltline in Eugene was completely flooded, sending cyclists and pedestrians the other way … Continue reading »

Mohawk River Floods Nearby Golf Course

NEAR SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Mohawk River, like many others across Western Oregon were nearing flood stage Saturday night. While the water level was high, a flood warning for the area has been cancelled. But, the water level is still causing some flooding near the river. As water rushes downstream on the Mohawk River, it’s … Continue reading »

Storm Damages Cottage Grove Golf Course

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The recent storm did some heavy damage to the Middlefield Golf Course in Cottage Grove. Now the city is working to clean up the mess. Several downed trees, branches and other debris fell on the course. The public works department says it will take two to three months to clean it … Continue reading »

Localized Flooding on Sunderman Road

MARCOLA, Ore. — Emergency workers in Lane County are closely monitoring rivers and streams and warning residents about localized flooding. Emergency managers says they are keeping a close eye on the Row River and the McKenzie River near Vida–both with banks reaching close to full. Other problem spots are the Mohawk and Siuslaw rivers. Neither … Continue reading »

River Levels Rise 6 Feet in a Day

VIDA, Ore. — Nearby streams and rivers will likely continue to rise as another storm makes it through our area. And, residents on the riverfront just saw a dramatic increase in water levels this week. KEZI 9 News reporter Jessica Debbas talks to homeowners in Vida about the latest flood watch.

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