Prepare Pipes for Freezing Temperatures

EUGENE, Ore. — Plumbers locally are offering advice to help you avoid costly repairs as temperatures drop this week. One local plumbing company says covering outside vents to keep cold air out will prevent pipes from freezing. They also say leaving a faucet dripping in a bathroom you don’t use can help prevent those pipes … Continue reading »

Traffic Signal Installed at Landslide

FLORENCE, Ore. — Traffic delays should ease up on Highway 101 where a landslide occurred. ODOT says they’re installing a traffic signal at the location 12 miles north of Florence. A landslide damaged the road near milepost 177 earlier this month, leaving a single lane of travel. The signal is replacing a pilot car. Crews … Continue reading »

1964 Christmas Flood 50th Anniversary

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Flood waters continue to recede around western Oregon after the weekend storm. The weather coincides with the 50th anniversary of the deadly Christmas flood of 1964. Seventeen people in Oregon were killed after days of heavy snow followed by massive rain storms. The national weather service ranks the flood as the fifth … Continue reading »

Flood Forces Family Out of Home

FALL CREEK, Ore. — In Fall Creek, families are being forced out of their homes due to flooding just outside the Jasper-Lowell area. Those residents are keeping a positive attitude about the situation, despite the deep waters on their property. Little Fall Creek caused big problems for Dennis and Becky Love, as it poured over … Continue reading »

Free Sand Available to Prevent Flood

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Residents in Corvallis can pick up some free sand to keep the floodwater out of their homes. You just need a shovel. Public Works says with the rising river levels, the city’s drainage system is slower. Residents say they appreciate having the sand available. “It does add peace of mind. I think … Continue reading »

Willamette River Floods in Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Willamette River rose about 10 feet over the weekend in Corvallis. At Willamette Park in south Corvallis, the parking lot is completely flooded, and the water is spilling into the park. On Monday morning, the water completely covered the boat ramp and covered most of the parking lot . Paths throughout … Continue reading »

Highway 42 South Closed

COQUILLE, Ore. — Oregon 42S is closed to all traffic due to high water, ODOT said Monday. The highway links Coquille to Bandon. It will remain closed during high tide conditions. ODOT says travelers can use Oregon 42 as a detour until conditions improve.

One Lane of Highway 101 Open

FLORENCE, Ore. — Traffic is moving again on Highway 101 about 10 miles north of Florence after the highway was shut down Saturday afternoon due to a slide. ODOT engineers are working to come up with a plan for how they can fix that section of Highway 101. The road collapsed 18-24 inches last weekend … Continue reading »

Lightning Strike Sends 11 to Hospital

(CNN) — A lightning bolt struck outside a crowded football stadium Sunday. Police say 11 people had a to be hospitalized. It happened in Tampa after the Bucs-Packers game. Fire officials say a bolt of lightening hit a spot in the lot where fans stood. Witnesses say after the strike, victims immediately fell to the … Continue reading »

California Suffering Exceptional Drought

(CNN) — The Golden State is dry. According to a study from NASA, California needs roughly 11 trillion gallons of rain to survive its extreme drought. That’s enough water to fill 17 million Olympic swimming pools. Officials say the situation is so dire, the flooding that struck the state earlier this year barely made a … Continue reading »

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