Ask The Meteorologist: 1st Day of Spring

Ask The Meteorologist Spring officially begins at 9:57 a.m. on Thursday March 20th, but why at this specific time? This is today’s Ask the Meteorologist question. If you have a question you would like answered by a meteorologist, you can submit it here.

Ask The Meteorologist: Green Screen

Ask The Meteorologist McKayla Nicholas from Applegate Elementary School in Eugene wants to know, “How the green screen works?” Check out the video above to see how Chroma Key technology is used to put weather graphics behind meteorologists, without having to use a projector.

Eugene Students Learn About Weather

EUGENE, Ore. — The sixth graders in Ms. Bloom’s class at Applegate Elementary have been studying weather this year and had a few questions they needed answered by a meteorologist. We couldn’t let those questions go unanswered, so KEZI 9 Meteorologist Melissa Frey stopped by to give them a weather lesson first hand. They learned … Continue reading »