Catering Crew Feeds Thousands

EUGENE, Ore. — While competing in the track and field trials obviously draining, watching the intense competition can be pretty tiring too. And when it comes down to it, everybody’s got to eat. So feeding thousands of people may seem like a really daunting task, but M Culinary Concepts said they’ve got it all figured out.

This wasn’t the group’s first rodeo. Though based out of Arizona, they also catered the trials back in 2008 and have a lot of experience with large-scale events.

For this particular event, chefs reported using up to a ton and a half of produce to serve nearly 10,000 people each day.

But organizers said they couldn’t have done it without the help of the hundred local employees they hired.

“We have people from across the country here to support the athletes and to have the knowledge of people that live here, work here and grew up here so that when someone says, ‘Hey, where can I get a great croissant?’ I wouldn’t know where to direct them,” said managing partner Doug Janison.

Organizers hired a number of college students on summer vacation and said they were glad to contribute to the event’s sustainability efforts by involving as many local people and vendors as possible.

Workers said the whole process has been quite the experience and working these long hours has really brought them together. So while they are looking forward to a little bit of a break after the trials finish, they said they will miss the excitement and each other.

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