Catholics React to Pope’s Resignation

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local parishioners and even the priests in the Catholic community were taken aback by Monday’s big announcement that the pope is resigning at the end of the month. While surprised, they didn’t let the shock shake their faith.

As parishioners made their way through the doors at St. Mary Catholic Church in Eugene for noon Mass, they reflected on Benedict the XVI’s service as pope.

“He’s been a wonderful pope and we’re going to miss him greatly,” said parishioner Tom Kuzma.

Though they may have understood his decision, they were surprised.

“I heard it this morning and it was really quite startling. This was a shocking thing that hasn’t happened since, I think, the 15th century,” said Father Bryce McProud, St. Mary Catholic Church.

Despite their dismay, they stood beside him in this tough decision and were grateful for his time with the church.

“It’s also great courage. I mean holy smokes, he’s the first person in they say 600 years to do that, so that takes great humility,” said Father David Jaspers, St. Alice Catholic Church.

“Pope Benedict signed off on me personally, so I have a very strong appreciation for his papacy,” Father McProud said.

But of course there is some concern.

“One girl wrote, ‘What about the flock?’ You know, what about his flock, and I just wrote back, ‘I think he’s saying this is the best way he can shepherd. I’ve led you as far as I can go and now it’s time for a new leader to take you further,'” Father Jaspers said.

Though they may be unsure of the church’s future at this time, each one turned as they always had to God, praying for the pope and for the coming transition to go smoothly.

Most of the people we spoke with were very supportive of the pope’s decision, and they trusted in the church’s ability to lead them through this time of uncertainty.


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  1. Flora says:

    We always have to trust in God because I know He always give what it is good for his people, and with pope’s decision I know for sure God is taking us to another step, wich is going to be always for good, Thank you pope Benedict we will miss you but is for sure that God has another mission for you wich is stronger,May God Bless you always and the Virgin Mary protects you forever, I love being Catholic!

  2. George says:

    I very much enjoyed Benedict’s tenure as Pontiff. I’m sorry to see him go, but the Church will endure, and I, for one, thank him for his service. In this day of new age temptations and oversimplifications, Benedict led us back to our roots without dismissing all the modern trappings out of hand as simple fluff. I think his intellectual theological background struck the right balance for the times- a perfect sobering after the euphoric tenure of John Paul II. He was already becoming elderly when he agreed to take the scepter, and he always said that the Pope SHOULD step down if he no longer feels secure in his abilities due to health or age. What he announced today is simply in keeping with what he has always maintained.

    Godspeed, Cardinal Ratzinger!

  3. Postone says:

    The Catholic Cult are not followers of God. They (the church, the pope, on down) create their own laws, they don’t consult the bible for truths! The bible (word of God) has ultimate authority not the church. Catholic’s also try to earn their salvation by works, which is impossible…

    God “freely” gives true salvation, (its a gift, meaning unmerited favor) you cannot earn it, buy it, or barter for it!

    Of course true faith (of which gives you) produces good works, and is the result of true salvation not the other way around!

  4. hightide6096 says:

    Its business as usual in the Vatican but with a new awareness of what is really going on behind the scenes of a lot of wrong doing. The new pope could lead us in to a better understanding of changing the way we think about Catholicism in a better way.

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