Cawood Staff Business Commute Challenge First Timers

By Paris Jackson

EUGENE, Ore. — Did you lace up your sneakers this morning to get to work?

That’s what many people did for the Business Commute Challenge. It was “walk to work” day.

“I think Oregonians are kind of used to the up and down, so I think there is knowledge that there’s going to be a possibility that their could be moisture in the air,” said Nichole Hayard, Cawood Administrative Assistant.

The moisture in the air didn’t dampen the business commute parade, but folks who were up for the challenge found they had to be a little flexible with their plans.

“Today I carpooled. Yeah, i just rode in with another co-worker. So i decided to not ride my bike,” said Hayard.

Meanwhile, Nichole Hayard’s co-worker, Kurt Booker, shelled out some extra cash this weekend to compete, because relying on his van just wouldn’t cut it.

“For this I went out and bought a brand new bicycle over the weekend because my old bicycle wasn’t working too well and I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible,” said Kurt Booker, Cawood Web Developer.

Booker’s not a huge fan of riding in the rain, but he’s sees the benefits. “I’ve kind of braved it out and its been rewarding. I like getting the exercise,” he said.

Cawood’s 14 member staff boasts 100% participation.

Challenge organizers credit the rising numbers to several factors, but facebook most of all. The challenge website, which went up last year, has been very popular.

“It was the first year that we did the website, where people could actually do the report individually and see the live feedback and see the status for the whole … for everyone participating,” said Paul Adkins, Cawood Graphic Designer.

Paul Adkins wears many hats. He’s keeping commuters on target via the web by offering travel tips. You could call him the poster child for biking.

“We got four kids and we don’t have a car and we go everyday by bike,” said Adkins.

The challenge ends Friday. To learn more about the resources and services click here.

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