CCS Collecting Clothes for the Homeless

1-16 CLOTHING DRIVEEUGENE, Ore. — The cold weather isn’t going away any time soon, and now is the perfect time to take a look in the closet.

There’s a good chance you have something you don’t really need that somebody else does.

Catholic Community Services of Lane County is holding its annual winter clothing drive. It is collecting clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, and blankets to help keep the homeless warm.

John and Mamie Arnold started the drive eight years ago collecting coats.

“We just worked with Catholic churches and it grew way beyond that. We got over 6,000 last year,” they said.

You can donate at Catholic Community Services in Eugene or Springfield. It is located at 1464 W 6th Ave. in Eugene and 1025 G St. in Springfield. The group also picks up any donations around town.

The drive lasts through Feb. 7.

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