Celebration Money Benefits Nonprofit

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EUGENE, Ore. — “Raise the Roof”–that’s the theme of this year’s Eugene Celebration. In fact, it’s been the theme for the last two years.

Organizers say it symbolizes the three-year community service project they’ve been working on.

The revenue from the Eugene Celebration goes right back into the community. The money raised is being used to build two Habitat for Humanity homes in Eugene and Springfield.

It’s one of two homes being funded will soon be the homes of Autumn and Dylan Wise.

Three years ago, the celebration, Northwest Community Credit Union and Springfield-Eugene Habitat for Humanity teamed up. The celebration agreed to raise $120,000 to build two homes.

“The celebration wants to support building a better community, wants to support our families in leading them to be productive citizens that can contribute back into our community and home ownership is a way to do that,” said Jean Stover, Resource Development Director.

The home, located on Yogi Way off of River Road is about halfway done. Autumn found out in November of 2010 she’d been selected to receive the home. She says becoming a homeowner wouldn’t have been possible without this opportunity.

“It’s a miracle, absolutely, ’cause it’s the only way it could happen to me, and I’ve always dreamed of owning my own home, so it’s perfect,” she said.

The first house, paid for by the Eugene Celebration, is in Springfield and was finished in 2011.

The Wise family expects to get the keys to their new home this fall. One interesting note about the house–it’s the first Springfield-Eugene Habitat for Humanity home that is Energy Star certified.

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