Central Oregon Fire Season Starts Friday

Fire season for the Central Oregon District will start on Friday, June 14, nearly two weeks earlier than last year.

The Oregon Department of Forestry made the decision after an increase in small fires in the region. District Forester George Ponte said in a press release that the area had seen lower precipitation than average for the early part of the year, but May’s cooler, wetter weather made the department hold off on declaring fire season before June.

“The current and forecasted weather is more summer-like,” said Ponte, “so fuels are drying quickly and fire risk is increasing.”

The start of fire season means that Central Oregon residents will face certain restrictions on recreational and work activities to prevent human-caused fires; some activities, such as open burning, require a permit issued by ODF or a local fire department. The ODF also encourages homeowners to check with their local fire departments before burning yard waste.

Visit the ODF website for more information.

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