Chambers Twins Help Duck Softball Host First NCAA Regional

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By Erik Elken

EUGENE, Ore. — Lindsey and Kelsey Chambers have been playing softball on the same team since they were five years old.

“My whole life she’s [Kelsey] been right there next to me on the field,” elder twin Lindsey said.

“We kind of know what each other’s thinking, not telepathically, but we know what each other’s thinking like I’ll know that she’s covering the steal, or if I’m covering the steal, we kind of just look at each other, and we know,” Kelsey said.

The identical twins make up the starting left side of the Duck softball team’s infield, with Lindsey at third base and Kelsey at shortstop.

For both, being a Duck was a childhood dream as they say they grew up in Duck gear. Their father, Ron, attended the University of Oregon.

They have combined to hit 45 total home runs and 167 RBI in their four year careers leading up to Thursday’s NCAA Regional against Portland State.

Their chemsitry helps them on the field, but unlike most siblings, they say they rarely have any big fights.

“We’ll get tired of each other for maybe like ten minutes and then after that we’re just like, alright let’s go do something,” Lindsey said.

“The worst fight was in high school when I took her jeans. She got really mad and it took like two hours for us to make up.”

Aside from the occasional wardrobe argument, there is one thing they will never agree on – who is better. According to Kelsey’s team bio, one of her nicknames is “good twin”.

“That was just a joke,” Kelsey said. “But I think I’m the good twin because I just am, I don’t know.”

“No one’s ever called her the good twin,” Lindsey said.”And if they do they come right back at me and say, ‘But you’re the better twin'”.

One thing they can both vehemently agree on, is their desire to end their long softball careers with a national championship.

“It would mean so much to do it at my dream school, as a senior to end my career, with my sister … it would be an amazing experience,” Lindsey said.

The quest for that storybook ending begins Thursday at 6 p.m. at Howe Field against Portland State.

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