Changes Coming to Valley River Center

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EUGENE, Ore. — The outside of Valley River Center is getting a major facelift, as two new retailers begin construction on their new storefronts.

“The H&M is working on their part of the construction. Initially the mall prepared the space. It’s three vacant spaces being combined, so it’s a large, large space starting to make changes every day,” said Diana Bray, marketing manager at Valley River Center.

Nearby, a new Verizon store is getting ready to open this summer, moving from a kiosk to an actual store.

“Once their new store’s complete, they’ll move their store operations from the kiosk to a large store. They’re a very, very busy retailer, and we’re looking forward to the larger space,” Bray said.

Valley River Center management is excited for these and other new stores to open in the mall.

“We’ve strengthened our women’s fashion category by adding Maurice’s and Lane Bryant recently. Candy Time has just joined us. We have another retailer that’ll be under construction soon. Spencer’s Gifts will be in our kind of teen wing near PacSun,” Bray said.

Unlike these new stores that’ll open up in Eugene, Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers has been in the mall for 45 years.

“We’ve been in Valley River Center since it opened,” said Tobey Ritchie of Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers.

But even this established store is joining in and will be undergoing some changes itself during the next few months.

“This summer the Harry Ritchie’s location is undergoing a remodel, and so we’ll be incorporating the H Boutique into the Harry Ritchie’s flagship location,” Ritchie said.

It says moving the H Boutique from the Fifth Street Public Market into its Valley River Center store will help bring more customers to an already busy store.

“Valley River Center is very busy, and our flagship location is a major store for us,” Ritchie said.

Renovations will all be complete by the time holiday shopping season begins.

Mall managers say they’ve seen an increase in traffic to the area since both Texas Roadhouse and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse opened last year, and they’re excited to see what’s in store once all these new stores are opened.

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