Charges Against Cheryl Kidd Dropped

EUGENE, Ore. — The charges against the woman accused of killing Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen have been dismissed. Instead, Cheryl Kidd will be committed for the next two years.

Kidd is accused of killing Kilcullen during a traffic stop back in April 2011. She has been facing aggravated murder charges ever since. But a recent report says Kidd won’t ever be fit for trial. So after more than two years in the courtroom, the prosecution says they’re forced to agree to this decision.

This morning, friends and family of Kilcullen filled the courtroom and the halls, comforting each other once again.

“To be honest, I’m very mad. I’m pissed,” said Kristie Kilcullen, Chris Kilcullen’s wife. “I’m mad that someone like her could do so much damage and there’s no punishment.”

A judge dismissed the aggravated murder charges against Kidd Wednesday.

“It became apparent very early on in the case that Ms. Kidd was never going to be fit to proceed, but we had to go through the process,” said Gordon Mallon, Defense Attorney.

“Once the determination has been made by the state hospital that she will not regain fitness or there’s no substantial likelihood that she’ll regain fitness, our hands our tied,” said Dave Schwartz, Prosecutor.

The prosecution says the law requires defendants to be capable of understanding the court proceedings against them. And because Kidd’s mental health issues won’t allow it, no further legal action is possible.

“It’s hard for me to have hope right now. But the good thing is we don’t get a long trial, we don’t have to go through all the horrible stuff and relive April 22nd, so I guess that’s a blessing in disguise,” Kristie Kilcullen said.

And while they may never hear a guilty verdict, some took solace in at least one thing.

“I just appreciated the way that the judge approached it and everything that he read, including part of the stipulation that confirms that she in fact did kill Chris,” said John Kilcullen, Chris Kilcullen’s father.

The Psychiatric Security Review Board will re-evaluate Kidd after two years to see if she’s improved enough to be released. Her attorney says she’ll likely never be left unsupervised. Prosecutors say they can re-file charges if she is ever fit to stand trial.

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