Charges Undecided in Springfield Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Investigators said a lot of witnesses, and a lot of conflicting stories, were delaying any charges from being filed in a Springfield shooting case this weekend.

Springfield police said the man who fired three rounds, hitting two teens, claims self defense.

Officers said it looked like he was attacked. He was treated for head injuries.

But his story wasn’t the only one investigators were listening to.

Officers said there were nearly a dozen witnesses, but many of their stories changed or they were inconsistent with others.

“When you have so many conflicting stories from not only the people who were victims but from the shooter himself, and you have to look at the evidence you can see in front of you and go with whatever, wherever it takes you,” said Springfield Police Sgt. David Lewis.

So far, the only charges filed in the incident are against several teens who were at a party. They were cited for minors in possession of alcohol.

Lewis said it isn’t too common for charges not to be filed when someone uses deadly force; but in some cases, like self defense, that does happen.

The district attorney’s office will decide whether anyone will face charges by the end of this week.

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