Charity Helps With Adoption Grants

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Not everyone can adopt a child, especially one with special needs. A nationwide charity called Recce’s Rainbow is helping families get the funds they need to adopt orphaned children who have Down syndrome.

International Fitness, in Springfield, held a Zumbathon along to help raise money for Reece’s Rainbow. Dozens of people broke out in a sweat Thursday night to share their support for the cause.

Instructor Lauren Horton has adopted five special needs children, 4-year-old Sophia being the latest.

Horton says she’s so grateful the community is stepping up for these children.

“We appreciate all the small things more than we did before,” said Horton. “I mean little successes, smaller goals and we are just enjoying life with these kids and they bring a tremendous amount of joy to our lives.”

Reece’s Rainbow hopes to put the funds raised Thursday towards a fund for a Bulgarian girl.

If a large amount of money is put in her name, the group says a family will likely step up and adopt her.


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  1. Christine says:

    Reece’s Rainbow is a great charity! They have rescued almost 1000 children so far!

  2. Broken-hearted grandma says:

    There wouldn’t be such a huge need for adoptive parents if biological relatives would be given custody of the children until the family becomes strong enough and clean enough to be united (which would be a lot better than putting the children through so much trauma and psych drugs because of the trauma…they are yanked away from all of their family and friends and put with foster parents who are often worse than their biological family).

    I have talked to many teens who have been in the system and they tell me that it “messed them up” to be taken away from their families.

    However, as long as there is big bonuses paid to social workers for the children they place in foster care and for releasing them for adoption there will be more and more children taken based on . Lies and corruption is all there is in family courts where families have almost zero chance of getting their children returned if their children are cute and well-behaved. CPS doesn’t want handicapped or ill-behaved children…

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