Chef Competition Helps March of Dimes

EUGENE, Ore. — In Oregon, one in ten babies is born premature. Tuesday night, local chefs will put their cooking skills to the test to raise money and awareness for an organization that helps preterm babies.

With just four ingredients and only 15 minutes, five chefs will battle it out in a cook-off. The March of Dimes is holding its third annual Signature Chefs Auction at Valley River Inn.

The chefs will work with four ingredients–scallops, asparagus, capers and a mystery item–given to them at the last minute.

The money raised goes to the March of Dimes, an organization that works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Event organizers say the nonprofit’s work is even more critical in a down economy.

“They’re not going to doctor’s visits, and therefore, they’re not learning about things like the need for folic acid even before you’re pregnant. They’re not getting the early interventions, and that’s why the research that March of Dimes does is so vital, especially in a depleted economy,” said community director Tab Davis.

Last year, the event raised $50,000. The goal this year is to raise $100,000. Organizers say because overhead is so low, more than 85 percent of the money raised goes right to the March of Dimes in Oregon.

Nobody should leave this event hungry because the chefs there will be cooking and serving their signature dishes to everyone in attendance.

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