Children Rescued from River

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A man and three children were rescued from the North Umpqua River Tuesday afternoon after their inner tubes overturned.

Derek Dring, 31, of Roseburg, and three children ages 4, 7 and 9 years old were floating in the river above Whistler’s Bend Park, and the children’s inner tubes were tied to his.

The swift water overturned the tubes and threw the kids into the river. The 4-year-old was stranded on a rock and the other two floated down the river. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says Dring swam after the kids who floated downstream and put them on rocks in the middle of the river. A passerby, 19-year-old Brad Eaton, of Winston, swam out to the 4-year-old and stayed there until rescuers arrived.

Water rescue crews used a raft to bring Dring and the kids to safety. They say the kids were wearing life jackets and no injuries were reported.

Photo courtesy of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

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