Chilly to Start, Warm to Finish

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Heading out the door Wednesday morning you’ll probably be thankful for a jacket as temperatures dropped to the low 40s overnight. Later on though, it’ll be air conditioning that might be nice with temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 80s.

A ridge of high pressure is continuing to strengthen and build over the Pacific Northwest. This will keep our skies clear and our air warm.

The entire state, including the coast, will continue to see sunny skies. By late Wednesday night a thermal trough will be in place. This is when we see a bubble of pressure west of the Cascades, which brings up warm air from the south, along with off-shore flow. Temperatures should make it to the low 90s for most Valley and Umpqua Basin locations.

These east winds will also likely bring in smoke from the lone creek fire near Sisters. We saw the first signs of this early this morning. You can see the smoke moving west in this visible satellite image:

For the latest on our air quality click here.

The thermal trough will move east on Friday and our winds will shift around to the west. As this happens, cooler air will start to filter in. Highs will stay in the mid 80s Friday, but will likely drop to the low 80s Saturday and Sunday. This weekend we’ll also see a return of morning clouds.

The weekend “cool down” will be short lived though as high pressure returns early next week. Highs are on track to be back in the mid 80s Monday and Tuesday.

Have a great Wednesday!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey
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