Chilly Waters at Oregon Coast

NEWPORT, Ore. — Oregon beaches in the summer look much different than places like California or Hawaii. Visitors are swapping bikinis and swimming trunks, for sweatshirts and jeans.

“It’d be nice if you were able to go to the beach and actually able to run around in a swimsuit and go swimming, but definitely way too cold,” said Jill Thomas.

Believe it or not, the water is actually a bit warmer right now.

According to NOAA, it’s usually around 55 degrees at this time of the year. Friday it was closer to 60.

“We worry about people getting hypothermia. Even on a nice, sunny day, it’s cold, people usually have jackets on and sweatpants on the beach, seems to be beach attire,” said Petty Officer Russell Thacker with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Those cold temperatures didn’t stop some of the younger crowd from diving in.

“It’s really cold. It’s freezing. It’s like your whole body gets numb. You can’t feel any part of your body,” said Aubrie Rosenkoetter.

“To me, it’s all about fun, family memories, as long as they go home and get warm clothes on, maybe drink some hot chocolate afterwards,” said Amber Dixon.

“I just thought it’d be fun to go boogie boarding out there, and I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold though,” said Hayden Spencer.

“I think they’re crazy for getting in the water. It’s really, really cold,” said Michele Spencer.

Even those who are less adventurous found ways to entertain themselves.

“Making sand castles and flying kites, and we’re not in the water because it’s really windy and cold,” said Svetlana Barfenova.

“Well, the water’s a little frosty for me and I’ve always wanted to fly kites and this is perfect weather for that,” said Kathie Nelson.

Of course the beach isn’t the only major attraction in Newport, many come to see all the sites.

“There’s the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Wax Works and Undersea Gardens,” said Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce Assistant Director Sheena Scarberry.

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