Chip Kelly Introduced As Eagles Coach

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PHILADELPHIA  — Chip Kelly took the stage in front of the press Thursday morning without wearing the green and yellow of the Oregon Ducks for the first time in four years. Instead, Kelly was wearing the midnight green of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly spoke in front of the local and national media during a press conference kicked off by owner Jeffrey Lurie talking about the two-week search that led the Eagles to finally come to terms with the New Hampshire native.

The media asked Kelly questions about hiring staff, his offense, and the current makeup of the Philadelphia roster. He spoke about the toughness of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who he faced when he was the starter for PAC-12 rival Arizona in 2011.

Kelly declined to state what plans, if any, he had for former Pro Bowl selection Michael Vick saying, “There’s nothing on the board right now and there’s nothing off the board right now.”

In general, Kelly was adamant that he would make his offense work with the personnel that is currently on Philadelphia’s roster. While Vick has been a scrambler his whole career, Foles is not known as a runner.

The former Oregon head coach said he was excited to be an Eagle and that he’s ready for the NFL ranks, “I’m all in. I think it was [Hernán] Cortes who burned the boats. Well I burned the boats. I’m an NFL guy. I’m not going back [to college football].”

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  1. Michael Duncan says:

    While I am sad to see Chip Kelly leave the Oregon Football Program, it needs to be said that one man does not make a team. Chip Kelly was a dynamic personality which energized the team but he isn’t here anymore, and despite his absence all the people who made the Oregon Ducks, the team that is second only to Alabama in the rankings are all still here. Chip didn’t make the clutch throws or break out of a hole in the line for a run to a touchdown. The players did those things and the last I heard they are still with the Ducks. I have no doubt that a fine coach will be found and the ducks will continue to do great things this coming fall. But that live-wire dynamo that is Chip Kelly will be elsewhere. The Players need to believe in themselves and their abilities and the coaches need to guide them well….both of these things will happen, and Duck Football will be the same legendary program that it has grown to be.

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