Chip Kelly Speaks At Eugene Airport

EUGENE, Ore. — Chip Kelly arrives at the Eugene Airport and speaks to media about his decision to leave Oregon to become the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.


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  1. Mitch Hanan says:

    Difficult decison. I respect the way he’s handling things. Talked with those closest to him. Got a chance to say goodbye to his coaches and support staff. Liked his comment about hiring one of the coaches in the program. As I watched him go through the door at the airport, really got a sense he’s gone for good. He walked through those doors with backpack and suitcase and that’s all he needed. Philidelphia will take care of all the details as far as the move is concerned, that is if there is one. Want to wish him well. Thanks for taking Oregon to new heights. Pl

  2. Steven says:

    He neglected to mention he was getting out of town before the NCAA finishes investigating them and the sanctions come.

  3. Mark Porter says:

    Chip is a true competitor with a philosopy ( next man up) that will remain in Oregon football forever. This is a great opportunity to reach the NFL similar to a prize fighter reaching for the world title belt. Chip deserves all the credit, good wishes and gratitude for putting the Ducks on the map. It will be exciting to see how he does as HD. Congratulations Chip!

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