Choosing Football Over Shopping

EUGENE, Ore. — While shopping was on the minds of many on Friday, football took center stage for others who were looking forward to this year’s Civil War game.

Kickoff was at 4:00 p.m. at Autzen, but several tailgaters marked their spots early. Some even spent the Thanksgiving holiday in their tailgating spot.

Fans we spoke to say that Black Friday wasn’t even a thought for them, they woke up ready for game time.

“We don’t have to shop!” says Mike Etienne. “This is the best deal in town right here!”

“I did Black Friday one time and I vowed to never do it again,” says Caren Crews. “Forget it. Football is better!”

Crews added that her husband always tries to be the first tailgater on the lot, so they get to each game at 7:00 a.m., regardless of game time.

Though the last couple games are a sore subject for duck fans, they’re not letting that taint their attitudes for the game. The fans we spoke to said they are confident the ducks will walk away with the “W” in this 117th Civil War matchup.

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