Christmas Tree Sales Kick Off

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PLEASANT HILL, Ore. — Families are heading out to pick out that perfect Christmas tree.

It’s a big time for local tree farms that depend on just a couple of weeks out of the year to keep afloat.

Northern Lights Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill is very busy getting ready to send a lot of its trees across the country. Their bundles of trees will head to places like Missouri, California, even Alaska.

At Northern Lights, you get a hayride escort to help you find the perfect tree. On Monday, the Cho family from Eugene just the right one for their toddler.

“Yeah we will put it up and decorate it with the lights and ornaments and things,” said Albert Cho.

Bob Schutte has owned the farm for 25 years and says choose and cut is a large part of business. But even bigger business is wholesale.

“Most retail operations want to have their trees in stock and ready to be in business the Friday after Thanksgiving, so when we are shipping trees to Alaska and Missouri that is better part of a week drive, so we ship those the week before Thanksgiving,” Schutte said.

“It helps our local economy and it just lets other people see what kind of trees in the Northwest so that so everybody can enjoy some of the parts of Oregon,” Cho said.

The process is very systematic.

“We cut trees. We have…a big weed eater type saw that we can stand up and cut the trees with and we yard them out of the fields on trailers. We bail them all up and we load them all down into our load out area. It’s a very labor intensive operation,” Schutte said.

The requests are interesting.

“A lady from Missouri, who knows where in Missouri, wanted a fresh cut Noble fir and so we do that, and sometimes Alaska villages will give us a call and we will bail up two or three trees and ship them off to Alaskan villages,” Schutte said.

It takes about seven years for trees like theirs to reach their maturity, and the good thing for you is that in this economy the prices are very reasonable.

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