Church Cemetery Application Withdrawn

EUGENE, Ore. — A controversial cemetery in Eugene is not going to be built.

A cemetery will not be built on the site of the Greek Orthodox Church because the church has withdrawn its land use application with the city.

The St. George Greek Orthodox Church wanted to build a small cemetery on its property so funeral and memorial services could be done according to its customs and traditions. Burying church members on the property is part of those traditions.

Neighbors didn’t like the idea and some even started a petition saying the graves could poison their well water.

Ultimately, after hearing from the Department of Environmental Equality and its findings regarding the potential for groundwater contamination, the church decided to pull the application.

“Everybody is really relieved we were all having trouble, sleepless nights worrying about the fact that not only would our property values lower, but that our houses would be across the street from a cemetery,” said Eugene resident Kelly Dunn.

The city of Eugene asked for written comment on this issue and says it received a lot of response from neighbors who didn’t want this cemetery put in.

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