Church Lawn Could House Cell Tower

EUGENE, Ore. — A new kind of tree may soon sprout in a south Eugene neighborhood.

AT&T is eyeing property at Crossfire Ministries on Amazon Drive as the potential site of a new cell tower called a monopine, which looks like a tree. The church says this isn’t the first time it’s had interest, but this is the furthest that talks have gone.

“Our stipulation when it came to AT&T was it had to be very stealth,” says Crossfire’s lead pastor Aaron Taylor, who says the church doesn’t want the tower to stand out negatively in the community.

If it all pans out, Crossfire Ministries says it plans on making sure that other carriers are able to get on the same tower.

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  1. CC says:

    In an interview that Rev. Aaron Taylor gave to Bob Keefer
    of the Register Guard on Jan. 30, 2012-Tayor said that he
    was from Cottage Grove and attended Jimmy Swaggard Bible
    College in Baton Rouge.
    *From research it appears that Crossfire Miniistries is Jimmy
    Swaggard’s Church organization. Rev. Aaron Taylor is a local
    televangelist & operates 7-9 fireworks outlets in Lane County.
    His latest venture is the “”cell tower business.””
    LLC Buy-Out Companies are willing to pay $$$ for these tower
    The Eugene Planning Board found 10 & 1/2 pages of problems
    with Taylor’s proposal for a a 8-story cell tower at Crossfire Ministries
    in Eugene. ie. Noise and odor pollution-there are families living
    within 100 ft of the proposed tower. To fit the large tower on to the
    small,corner lot-Rev. Taylor proposed building the above-ground
    infra-structure right into the existing church building. The Eugene
    Planning Board had concerns about the safety of such a design.
    This is the first time that a cell tower iof this size has been proposed
    for a residentiial area. Besides health concerns, neighbors are also
    very concerned about the loss of property value to our homes (2-10+%,
    depending on closeness to the tower.)
    Taylor appears to a very determined man. A representative of
    his has called to protest the Eugene Planning Board’s objections to
    the tower.

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