Church Seeks New Outreach Location

EUGENE, Ore. — A local church is looking for a new location to feed the homeless.

Crossfire Ministries has been running its program “Field of Dreams” for 13 years under the Jefferson Street Bridge in Eugene.

The program hands out free meals to the homeless.

But because of a new skate park the city plans to build, they have to re-locate.

One of the pastors says the process has been a bit frustrating.

“We’ve been asked to move. But we don’t have any place to go. And so because of that our feeding of the homeless down here under the Jefferson Street Bridge is basically at a standstill,” said Jonathon Fargher, Crossfire Ministries pastor.

He says they’re hoping to stay in the Whitacker District but they haven’t had much luck.

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  1. Ron says:

    I have a great idea…have each one of your followers take 1 home for keeps…..
    The more the crackpots of Eugene feed and bed them, the more that will show up…

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