Church Works with FFLC to Feed Homeless

EUGENE, Ore. — A local church has been blessed with a partnership that will aid their mission to help homeless veterans.

Westside Apostolic Church feeds the homeless every Friday. But this Friday, all the food came from Food For Lane County. Now the church is able to serve even more people in need and offer a variety of food.

“We’re actually not having any expense now on the food. They’re supplying all the food that’s going to be here today and I believe they’re getting better nutrition by the variety of food we get,” said Pastor James Rabe, Westside Apostolic Church.

Various agencies are on hand to help the vets find housing and medical care.

Also, veterans showcased their artwork. The silhouettes are by a World War II veteran.


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  1. Computer Kenny says:

    That is a GOOD thing…

  2. josie says:

    This is wonderful. God bless everyone invovled. I hope its a program that grows.

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