Churchill Raves about Common Schedule

EUGENE, Ore. — Many Eugene parents are up in arms about all high schools moving to a common schedule, but Churchill High School already adopted the schedule and administrators are raving about it.

The school is on a trimester system. During that trimester, a student has the same five, 70-minute classes every day.

This replaced Churchill’s semester system in which students had eight classes total–four classes alternating every other day.

Churchill administrators say the change took some getting used to but helped them make the most of their resources while benefiting students.

“This is the first time in decades that students have had a full schedule. Traditionally students at Churchill were never fully scheduled, and even our freshmen had a number of those eight periods that they had potential. They had a number of them that were free,” said Kim Finch, Churchill Principal.

The number of students fully scheduled rose from 19 percent last year to 67 percent now.

Churchill also increased its electives in music and in health.

Instructors say if all these high schools are on the same page, they could share resources, kids could take classes at other schools, and it would be easier for teachers working at multiple schools.


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  1. I. Johnson says:

    This article would have been more accurately titled “Principal of Churchill and 1 teacher raves about common schedule”.

    1. I. Johnson says:

      Guess you can’t handle criticism. Still a one-sided report omitting all of the legitimate concerns the other high schools have in implementing the common schedule. Clearly reporting unbiased news does not interest KEZI as you present only one side of the issue in this report.

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