Churchill Seniors Ticketed for Prank

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Churchill High School seniors got into a little bit of trouble just before this week’s graduation.

As part of their senior prank, they parked their cars in different spots around campus. But administrators say this led to some tickets for the teens.

Eight people were cited for parking in fire lanes, which hindered a medical response Wednesday afternoon.

The principal says fines were minimal because they were at school. But had this happened in the real world, the teens would face more serious consequences.

“We appreciate their high spirits, but we can’t absorb the cost of a senior prank that’s going to cost money either to the building or to a medical situation like today,” said Assistant Principal Londa Rochholz.

“It’s part of your senior year with a senior prank, and giving tickets is just ruining the fun. We’re all supposed to be celebrating and not getting tickets. It’s kind of stupid,” said senior Melissa Brown.

The principal said they need to pay tickets–which amounted to $400 total–or do 30 minutes of community service.

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