Cirque Dreams Performing “Pop Goes the Rock”

EUGENE, Ore. — Wednesday is your chance to check out a circus performance you’ve never seen before.

Cirque Dreams just started its tour of “Pop Goes the Rock” and it’s rolling through Eugene.

It’s the kind of show you expect when you hear “cirque” in the title — bright, loud, fun.

“It’s a lot of fun, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat,” said Cirque Dreams performer Armando Gutierrez. “It’s the very first time Cirque has incorporated live music with their presentations, so I play drums and sing a little bit.”

Along with live music come the acrobats, jugglers, tumblers, you name it!

“For all the individual acts, they’ve gone to school for this. They’ve trained a long time,” Armando said.

“I do it for more than 20 years,” said Victor Dodomov.

Dodomov performs what he calls rolla bolla.

“It’s a balancing act on the rolling cylinders,” Dodomov said. “Physically, it’s difficult. But if you do it and audience is good, you have more energy than before the show after the show.”

Another performer you’ll see in Wednesday night’s show is Elena Tselishcheva.

“I like the music. I very much like the energy of the music. I really like my song for hoops. Womanizer. I very like,” Tselishcheva said.

She showed me the ropes — or, hoops, rather.

“When I do it, my whole body is shaking,” Tselishcheva said.

She’s able to isolate her legs or arms after many hours of practice.

She’s worked with hoops for more than 15 years and says she loves showing off her skills for the audience.

“When you work with hoops, I think it’s very important to give all energy. When you walk into places, on stage or somewhere, you must be full energy. The hoops, they take many energy. Believe me,” Tselishcheva said.

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