Cities Clean Up After Storm

Storm CleanupEUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Local utility and public works crews say the first big storm of the season wasn’t so bad. While the weekend did see a few downed trees and outages here and there, both the cities of Springfield and Eugene say the damage, if any, was mild.

In Springfield, public works only got one call about a potentially hazardous tree, which they ended up taking out and the Springfield Utility Board says they didn’t see one outage. In Eugene, public works crews say they got a couple of calls, but nothing that couldn’t be managed by the folks already working.

Eugene Public Works Spokesman, Eric Jones, says, “People probably don’t realize how much sand and gravel we put down that week we were snowed in. So, our sweeper crews have just been working day and night and that’s really helped the streets stay in pretty good condition.”

Staff at the Eugene Water and Electric Board say about 700 to 800 customers experienced some form of outage, most of which were quickly repaired.

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