Cities Declare Caregiver Recognition Day

caregiver daySPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The mayors of Eugene and Springfield are honoring caregivers by giving them their own day.

Mayors Kitty Piercy and Christine Lundberg declared Tuesday Caregiver Recognition Day at St. Alice’s Catholic Church in Springfield.

Millions of Americans depend on caregivers to help with their daily needs. And, while they provide crucial support for families, many caregivers are part-time workers who earn low wages.

“It’s wonderful that we’re getting recognized for what we do because there are so many people out there that are like, ‘I wouldn’t do that,'” said Betty Carter-Foster, South Hills Rehab Center CNA.

“In our society, there’s hardly anything more important than this group of people who choose as a profession to care for the most vulnerable of our citizens,” Piercy said.

More than 33 percent of aides who work in agency-based home care don’t have access to health care coverage. They’re mostly women, and half live in households that get one or more public benefits, like food stamps or Medicaid.

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