Cities Have Historic Baseball Seasons

EUGENE, Ore. — Baseball fans are making the trek to both Eugene and Corvallis as both Oregon and Oregon State host baseball regionals for the first time in the same season.

NCAA Regionals kick off Friday, both in Eugene and at Goss Stadium in Corvallis. It’s the first time both of these Oregon teams have been nationally seeded in the tournament, and it means big things for both the Pac 12 and for Oregon.

The Beavers know their way around post-season baseball, but the Ducks are still learning their way, after hosting their first NCAA regional just last season. With the success both teams have seen this year–enough to both receive national seeds for the first time together–it means an exciting time for college baseball in Oregon.

“I just think it’s great for the state of Oregon. It’s not considered a baseball hot bed if you will, but if Oregon and Oregon State are both national seeds in the same season,” said Hank Hager, Oregon State Baseball.

“For Oregon as a state and for the Pacific Northwest, to have this kind of talent and success at college baseball is a real point of pride,” said Andy McNamara, Oregon Athletics.

This proud moment is bringing lots of fans to both Eugene and Corvallis for what could be two weeks of baseball playoffs.

“If Oregon and Oregon State both win their regional, then next week it’s the same deal hosting a super regional, which is a great situation,” McNamara said.

This season could mean a continuing trend for baseball in Oregon–or at least the schools hope so.

“The goal for every team is to make it to Omaha for the College World Series, but the NCAA Championship starts here on campus, and we want this to be a consistent thing here,” McNamara said.

“We represent the Pac-12 well, and you know, hopefully we both get to Omaha and we’re both successful because for us both to be successful only grows baseball in this state,” Hager said.

If you’re planning on coming down and seeing either of the teams play this weekend, all session passes are available in both in Eugene and Corvallis, or you can buy single game tickets.

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