Citizen Police Academy Students Graduate

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Summer is nearly here and that means schools are getting ready to say goodbye to their students.

KEZI 9 News reporter Nha Nguyen was one of those in the classroom for the last 11 weeks with the Springfield Police Citizen Academy.

Wednesday night was the big graduation. Each of the 34 students reflected on their experience these past few months.

Whether it was the K-9 unit demo, the firing range or whatever their favorite memory, they all agreed the whole experience was worth the commitment.

“I believe the best part was actually being on patrol,” said recent graduate Brad Barnhart. “I had no idea when I signed up for the class how enjoyable it was.”

“I got knowledge of the whole police department,” said student Shari Bea.

“I just learned so much more about why and what they deal with,” said fellow classmate Marilee Woodrow.

As they each accepted their certificates and got their pictures taken, their teachers hoped that a stronger community could be formed from this group.

“We’re hoping we have 34 new ambassadors for the Springfield Police Department. And we hope they learned a lot from the police department and we learned a lot from them,” said Chief Richard Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

While the class is over, the opportunities to be a part of the Springfield Police Department are not. If you’re interested in taking the course next year or just finding out how you can help out, contact them.

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