City Already $30,000 Over Snow Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s Public Works Department is already $30,000 over its budget for snow removal costs this year.

The department has spent over $90,000 on labor, supplies, and equipment.

Crews were out in full force Tuesday, making the most of the slightly warmer temperatures that turned some of the snow into slush for the first time since the storm hit.

But with more low temperatures in the forecast, crews are concerned about what the morning will bring.

“The city of Eugene has had 7 to 8 inches fall in past years, so we’ve been able to handle it, the difference this year is that we’ve had low freezing temperatures so the ground was already cold once the snow hit,” said planning supervisor Jackie Hallett.

The $90,000 spent so far includes the cost of 625 cubic yards of sand, 3,100 gallons of de-icer, and more than 1,200 hours for employees.


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  1. Joe Samuels says:

    Funny that the roads were never really cleared. I saw snowplows driving through without ever lowering a blade. So, if you want to call spreading sand a $90,000.00 project? Please, continue to spread the Bull. Why do we need snowplows? Even 6 days later, the schools are still closed. Why have snow routes for the buses? This city is ill-prepared to handle anything except for giving stuff away free to protesters and then adding more taxes. Thanks Kitty and CO. On Friday morning I watched numerous city vehicles sit at the sand storage area at the end of Delta highway with no activity, the plows could have been clearing the major streets but I think they were on a coca break. The city had plenty of warning that this storm was coming and obviously failed to really prepare for it. Maybe we will have to wait for the spring thaw before the Teachers get back to work too.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hit the nail on the head Joe! Couldn’t say it any better. It’s clear what this City needs is more brains and less of our tax money to waste.

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