City and County Consider Land Swap

6-3 SARAH PICEUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene and Lane County are considering partnering together in a land swap that could give the farmers market a permanent year-round site.

Organizers with the┬áLane County Farmers Market┬ásay it’s grown over the years, and has used all of its space in the park blocks. Farmers are asking for more space and a chance to have a year-round, permanent site.

At a joint public hearing between Eugene and Lane County, officials considered swapping properties. The city would get the Butterfly Lot and the county would get a portion of the land set aside for the new city hall, which could then be the location for a new courthouse.

City and county staff are now working on getting answers to questions posed by both the city council and county commissioners before they make any decisions on this potential partnership.


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