City Approves Willamette St. Test Run

5-27 willamette stEUGENE, Ore. — The face of South Willamette Street will soon be changing.

At Tuesday’s work session, councilors approved a test run proposal to re-stripe South Willamette between 24th and 32nd avenues.

Right now the street has four lanes, two lanes going in each direction.

During the test run, the street will change to three lanes, one lane going in each direction and a turn lane, along with bike lanes on either side.

This debate has been more than year in the making. The debate centered around safety and making the street more cohesive.

“I think rather than operating from our fears we should all be focusing on making this street an exceptional success for everyone, with as little interference with business and traffic flow as possible,” said Mayor Kitty Piercy.

“My real concern was about safety, but I believe this option’s going to give us more congestion and less safety. And the firefighters said the same thing,” said Councilor Mike Clark.

The restriping is just a test.

Council will revisit it in a year — to see how people felt about the restriping.


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  1. David says:

    Great Job, everyone, we’re turning Willamette into Chambers, we know how great that street with a fraction of the traffic works. It doesn’t. What we need to do is create circuits, There are so few routes to go North from South Eugene. I think we should make Amazon Parway one way all the way to to 6th and return Willamette to one way out to 24th. This will make traffic a nightmare, and I for one will no longer be using willamette or buying from the businesses on the street.

    1. David says:

      Years and years of planning and aggravation have gone into this decision. Too bad that new striping of a street is enough to send you home.

  2. Emily says:

    “The street will change from four lanes, two in each direction, as well as a turning lane.
    There will also be two bike lanes”

    Could you maybe re-write this sentence so it makes sense?

  3. James says:

    “The restriping is just a test. Council will revisit it in a year — to see how people felt about the restriping.”

    Does that not defeat the purpose of a test? We’re implementing these changes in a real scenario. That is not a TEST.

    Where the hell are the city planning engineers? Do we just test new things just to see how they will work?

    While I can’t necessarily agree or disagree with the changes, the city has been doing a lot of stupid and irrational things lately.

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