City Attorney Arrested for Assault

COTTAGE GROVE CITY HALLCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Longtime city attorney and city prosecutor of Cottage Grove, Sean Kelly, turned himself in Thursday night for fourth-degree assault, according to jail records.

Oregon State Police say 44-year-old Kelly assaulted a 40-year-old female acquaintance the night before in the Cottage Grove area.

Kelly is a contract lawyer for Cottage Grove, not an employee.

Cottage Grove City Manager Richard Meyers says Cottage Grove Police initiated the investigation, but turned the matter over to OSP when they realized Kelly was involved.

Meyers says Kelly’s contract with the city has been suspended. Meyers says he talked to Kelly on the phone about the incident, but Meyers would not elaborate on the charges. Meyers says the city spends $60,000-80,000 on Kelly’s contract each year.

We’ll have more information on this developing story tonight on KEZI 9 News at 5.

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