City Club Hosting Gun Control Panel

EUGENE, Ore. — As gun control legislation continues to be a hot topic nationally, some members of the local community are preparing to discuss the issue on Friday.

The City Club of Eugene will be hosting a panel discussion at the Eugene Hilton called “Building Common Ground on Gun Control.” Panelists will include a Lane County Public Health officer, a member of the National Rifle Association, and a representative from Ceasefire Oregon. Each panelist will provide a different perspective and the topics will range from public health issues to universal background checks. After the panelists are finished, community members will have the opportunity to voice their own opinions on the issue.

The City Club encourages members of the public to attend; admission is free for club members, but costs five dollars for guests. The panel starts at noon and runs until 1:30. It will be held in the 12th Floor Vistas Ballroom at the Eugene Hilton.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    Look you bunch of fools the gun control issue is dead. You just haven’t been able to figure it out because of your self serving interest. If care for the psycho’s and keep the criminals and druggies in jail with your new found money the problem will be solved. Are you gun control freaks so blinded by your own ignorance you can’t see the problem????

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