City Concerned About Pedestrian Crossing

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — How good are you at slowing down at pedestrian crossings? A Springfield resident says most drivers are pretty bad.

A KEZI 9 News viewer posted on our Facebook page about an intersection near his home that’s causing concerns.

Near 5th and T Streets in Springfield is one of many places in town you might see a certain kind of pedestrian crossing.┬áIt seems easy enough. At the crosswalk you press the button and cars slow down and stop to let you pass. But neighbors say you’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen.

“I’ve only lived here a few months, but in those few months I’ve heard so many people skidding to stops, honking horns,” said Springfield resident Arin Flory.

Flory lives right by a pedestrian crossing and says situations like this happen more often than he’d like.

“Last night, I was working in my garage and I heard a big thud and I wasn’t sure what it was, so I walked out and looked and saw a lady laying in the road,” Flory said.

Flory has seen a lot of close calls, but it’s incidents like this that he says really concern him.

The city of Springfield says they’re aware that reception on these particular lights isn’t as high as it could be.

“These beacons that you see on 5th and T in that area are much less. They’re in the 50 to 60 percent range,” said Neil Laudati, City of Springfield spokesperson.

That’s compared to 98 percent of the hanging hawk beacons just off gateway, or even 97 percent for a normal intersection crossing.

While Springfield police didn’t see too many reports for Flory’s crossing, they agree that an upgrade would be beneficial.

“The old ones are, are a duller light and they’re not so brilliant. They’re slower flashing. They’re not real crisp off and on. So I could see some real advantages to replacing it,” said Officer Brian Gay, Springfield Police Department.

So why not change it?

“At that time, that was the good technology, was the old-style beacon, and just around that time it started to change and it was too late. That project was already installed,” Laudati said.

The city says these things are on a long list of things the city needs and wants to fix, but it’s a matter of money. So until then, Flory and his neighbors will just have to hope folks pay attention to prevent more tragedies.

“There’s a lot of people coming through and I see a lot of kids too…so I just want something done about it. There’s people that don’t pay attention. Write tickets. Do something,” Flory said.

While the city does want to upgrade the beacons to the overhanging or hawk ones, it’s a matter of funding and priority. So if you’re concerned about the crossings, both the city and police say speak up.

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